My aunt who taught me the secrets of Sex


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My aunt who taught me the secrets of Sex



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My name is vinay. i am 30 years old and am thankful for the ability to satisfiy a women. i have had many experiences with women of different ages. from 18 to 42. We still enjoy ourselves frequently. I have read the stories of kerala erotica and find them exciting. now to my real experience. i shall tell about my first encounter. with an aunt of mine. i used to live in hyderabad in those days when i was introduced to an elderly lady by a friend of mine. she was not married and i used to visit her house frequently. one day i was sitting beside her when the topic turned to sexual encounters. i told her i had none. suddenly she turned to me and kissed me. i was 19 at that time. i still remember those warm lips. softly touching mine. my heart pounded. she gently sucked my lower lip lightly biitng it at times. i could notice my tool getting hard. it was rock hard. she put her hands on my face and passed them through my hair. i put my hands around her and we stood up hugging each other. she was wearing a saree and so i passed my hand slowly under the saree onto her blouse. she was still kissing me, her tongue exploring my mouth. as i touched her breasts my heart raced. " slowly" she said," dont be in a hurry. there is lot of time" i removed her saree pallu and pulled my lips from her lips and started kissing her neck. " good boy", she said. she then raised her breasts as if to suggest that i kiss them too. they were huge. milk tanks. part of them was already bulging from her low cut blouse. i kissed and tried to suck the tender breasts. she then took my free hand and motioned me to open the hooks. she was rubbing my hair. i removed one, then the second and then the third and the last. " slowly" she said again" a women likes it slow in the beggining." i opened her blouse slowly and she spread her hands to help me remove it. she was wearing a black bra. and it was so sexy seeing her in the bra. she pulled me towards her breast and said " kiss" . i kissed her slowly. first her left breast then her right. on her bra. when i attempted to remove her bra she said "no, my boy, enjoy it slowly.smoothly.softly." i kissed her on the bra for a long time. on the erect nipples the rammed through the bra. i could feel her heart beating fast. she mentioned me to take off my shirt. i did . i was not wearing a banian. she touche me on my chest and then my back gently squeezing me. i could sense by now my underwear getting wet with my lubrication. she pushed me to the wall and held my hands and started sucking my nipple. wow! even now as i write about it i feel the tingling sensation running through my spine. she did it very gently. all the while i was holding her breasts and rubbing her nipples from the bra. she sat on the sofa and puled me towards her. i was standing and she kissed my navel. and gently bit it and sucked it. i was burning with desire. i tried to push her down but she would not allow. " you must learn to control a little if you want to enjoy for long " she said. i agreed. she stood up and turned around. " kiss me on my neck" she whispered. i drew ahe close and kissed her on the neck. then on her back." unbotton the bra" she said. i removed it. and contined kissing her back. " now the saree" she told me. i removed the saree. she had hte petticoat left. she turned to me. i was shivering with excitement looking at those breasts. " these are the doors to a woman's orgasm. handle them with care." she advised as i wasstaring at them. i bent and softly took her nipple in my mouth. i sucked it and licked it. i licked her nipple and there it stood proudly. the dark area arund the nipple also firm. then i took the other while fondling the first eith my hand. she moved her breast in and out of my mouth." you are learning well" she moaned. i soon understood that handling the breasts is an art that has to be learnt if one wishes to satisfy any woman. i took both her breasts in my hands and continued sucking ,licking and pressing softly. she ws getting very aroused for she was digging her nails into my back and clawing me. i slid towards her navel leaving her breasts. she immediately replaced my hands on her breasts and said" dont remove your hands". i kept squeezing them while licking her belly. she then took my and mentioned me to remove her peticoat. i struggled with the knot. and finally succeded. she wore a white panty with flowers on it. she pushed me down . i can still remember those first smells. how they excited me! i kissed from her panty and tehn her thighs and her knees and her calves and her feet. and then up again. this time when i reached her panty she pushed it down and pulled it away. for a full minute i stared at her cunt. it was wet and wild. it had been neatly shaved. " come kiss me here" she said pointing to the cunt. i bent down and took her vagina lips in my mouth. i could feel her buttocks shaking a little. she held my head and moved me towards her clitoris between the vagina lips. as i sucked it, it hardened a little and i heard the pleasantest of moans. her body arched. she twitched and tunrned. i lowered my lips and reached her vagina. i was wet! "put your tongue in " she told me. i did so and she rammed my head with her thighs. she put my hands on her breast and i squeezed adn licked. and she moaned. i can still hear them. how sweet. then after some time she pulledme up and asked me to put my finger in her vagina. she held my hand and pushed my index finger in. i could feel the rough surface of her insides.i pushed my finger deeper and she turned hotter. as i rubber the G-spot( she later told me about it) she shuddered and exploded. " take off your underwear" she shouted. " now is the time for fucking." i hurriedly removed my clothes and she pulled me on her and held my cock and pushed it inside her. OOO what warmth. as i entered her i understood why they call it "Conjugal Bliss" O what joy! i went in and out slowly . already my testicles were twitching to shoot. she sensed it and said " stop moving". i stopped. we kissed each other . then we started and then stopped and started. the pleasure of being near an orgasm and then holding on to that is something that has to be experienced. words cannot fully begin to describe it. after a long time we came first me and then her. i was about to roll aside when she said" dont. a woman needs a man more after an orgasm. kiss me and hug me tight." i stayed on top of her and kept kissing her for a long time. this aunt of mine and i continue to enjoy sex when fortune favours. she taught me things that keep women enjoying me and vice versa. next time my second encounter with my colleague. BE HAPPY!!! HAVE A NICE TIME... J

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