Seducing my Aunt  Part I


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Seducing my Aunt Part I

Enticer Seven


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Hi I am Enticer (Name Changed) and I am from Bangalore. This is my true experience about my desire to have sex with my aunt and the patience and persistence through which I achieved my goal. Let me give you an introduction about my aunt. She is the wife of my mother's brother. She is slim (not like any model though) but little plump by the hips and tummy. She must be 42 years now or slighly more. But my desire for her goes back a long way. I am 30 years old now, married and with a kid. I was in my PU when I first started noticing her. My uncle, that time (Still is) was in the Gulf and she was staying with my grand parents. My college was near to their house and I used to have my lunch from there. She was very friendly with me and one good thing about her is that all my generation in the family liked her very much. She had 2 kids. The elder one was studying in school and the younger one was an infant. My mindset towards her changed after an incident. One day my grandparents went out of station for a wedding. So my parents asked me to spend the night in my aunt's house. I was in my normal self and had nothing in my mind when I reached there. We decided to crash as soon as we finished our dinner. My cousin (her elder son) had already slept off by that time. She went to bed trying to make the younger one sleep. I was in the other room reading a novel. I read for a long time into the night. I was going to the refrigerator to drink some water. I had to pass my aunt's room to reach there. On the way I glanced into her room to check out whether they have slept. The light was on and all of them were sleeping. I went in to switch off the light. Then I saw my aunt lying there next to my younger cousin. The buttons of her night gown was open and one of her breast was out naked. I think she had slept off while feeding the baby. I got a good look at the full and round milky breast. Her nipples were black and big. The sight was very exciting and I suddenly felt a movement inside my shorts. I slowly moved closer to the bed to get a better look of that beautiful mount. Suddenly a feeling of guilt soared inside my heart and I withdrew from the room and hit the bed. It was very difficult for me to sleep that night. After that whenever I see her the sight of that breast used to rush into my eyes and I felt hard to control my feelings. After that incident, I started exploring her body very carefully with my eyes. She had this very curvaceous hips though it was a little plump. But the portion which attracted me most was her buttocks. She had those beautifully shaped ass I had ever seen in my life (My wife also cannot match it!). Whenever I used to go to her house I tried to move close with her and somehow managed to brush my body or hand against her ass or hips. I used to feel great after doing that but the frustration of not getting beyond that used to kill me. Years passed. I continued my approach with her, the normal touching & brushing. I never had the guts to proceed further than this. One thing I noticed all those days was that she never had any complaint or never seemed to bother me touching her. This feeling became stronger and registered in my mind after this incident I am going to quote now. I went to her house once and we sat in her bedroom chatting. I normally go directly to their bedroom and sit. The optimist in me always told me that the right place to be is in the bedroom. Though I used to hope that something happens there but nothing never happened at all. Let me come back to the incident. She opened the window and was commenting on the rush in front of the movie theatre next door. She stood there and was watching. I took this as a chance and went behind her and pretended to watch them. Only one window pane was opened and I had no other way to see outside other than to stand behind her. She was wearing a night gown and I could see the shape of those beautiful ass jutting out. We stood there looking at the people down and after sometime I took the courage to move closer to her inch by inch. Each minute seemed like ages and the little distance between my bulging crotch and her lovely ass seemed to be widening rather than shortening. Finally I managed to reach the place I was looking for. My crotch touched her buttocks. Though it was a very faint touch, immediately it gave me an enormous hard on. I was damn sure that she would have felt my hard dick on her ass but she never moved an inch. I was so close to her body that my hot breath was directly falling on her neck. We stood there and it seemed like eternity . Finally she told me enough of watching people and she closed the window. While moving away from that position, for a split second she pushed her ass on my hard bulge. I was in the seventh heaven. But the coward in me never let me do anything more than that. But after that I was certain that she liked the feeling of my hard dick poking the crack of her ass. But I was not sure how to proceed beyond this point. Time flew meanwhile. I got married. Even then my desire for her still remained a dream inside me. Whenever I used to visit my native place I ensured that I visited her everyday. (By the way I work in Bangalore). I still continued my intentional brushing of my body and she still remained silent and never shown any interest. She became matured and her killing looks intensified with age. I was still hoping that someday I will make it with her. But I never had any idea how I was going to do that. Then one chance came. I have written this is one stretch. I will write how I seduced her in the next submission. Please let me know your views on this. You can send me mails to

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