Swapna Chechiyude Kundi


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Swapna Chechiyude Kundi

Tony Augustine


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Hi all. Im back again with my another one. As I said, Im narrating my hot enocounter with my cousin chechi whose name is Swapna. She is married and had two children. This incident happened before 9 years and was my second fuck with her. She was having big boobs and a big, very big inviting ass. I got a suttle erection when ever I saw her ass. That day I was alone in my house as every one went to one of our family friend’s house. It was the very next day of my first fuck with her. I was thinking about those moments and was getting really hard. I wanted to see her and wanted to atleast touch her pussy. As I came out I saw her husband was going out. I asked him where he is going and he replied that he is having night shift . My heart came to my mouth with happiness on hearing this because I knew that her children were not there and that if he is going I can have fun with her. As soon as he left I entered her house,closed the front door and went inside. She was in the kitchen cooking something. I went behind her without making any sound and hugged her tightly. She was shocked and was about to shout and I told that its me. She told to leave her as her children will be back within 30minutes. I said that I am very much in a mood and that I will just do some carassing. She agreed . I kissed her on her neck and lowered my hands to her boobs. I started to caress them with tremendous pressure and she started to moan lowly oohooh aucch haha…………… I continued this for 5minutes and then I gave a pinch on her right boob and she moaned oouuuh. I then took her boobs out and began to kiss and lick sideon from behind and I slid my hands inside her thick yellow nightgown. She was freeq inside and I straight away inserted my middle fingers into her hole and she jumped . I did this for quite some time and I told her to let me keep my cock between her ass cheeks and she agreed. I don’t want her to know that I m going to fuck her and that too on her ass becase she might resist. Anyway with her permission I inserted my tool between her ass cheeks. I moved it further till it touched her ass hole. As it touched there she shivered a bit. I then started my old activity of licking and sucking her boobs and simultaneously I started to finger fuck her. She was getting really hot and she moved her legs little more wider. I smelled the opportunity and without any hint that Im going to ass fuck her, I inserted my tool into her big hot ass. She cried in pain and shouted to take it back. But I was in no mood to obey her. I was on the verge of completing a dream. I began to slam hard on her ass and she started to cry lowly. She pinched and hitted me on my thighs but all these add fuel to my moving machine. After 2-3 minutes of vigorous fucking I slowed down because I wanted that she too enjoy this. I waited for another 3 minutes while I played with her tits. Then I started to move slowly and asked her whether its still paining. She said no and I began to increase my speed. Now she started shouting, but with plesure. She began to jerk her ass in response to my thrusts. Her ass was getting really hot. She began to moan heavily “ooh aah ouchouch ouch vegam vegam aaaaaaaa hooo vegam”. I increased my speed and her ass became a steam bathroom with each my thrusts. I began to crush her boobs mercilessly. I fucked and fucked and she moaned with extreme pleasure and told “ eniyum vegam, ente kundi polikkeda please” and I began to girnd my cock on hearing this. She began to breath hardly and I knew that she was coming close to her climax. I took my tool out for a second and inserted it suddenly and she shouted with pleasure. I again started to slam her big mountain and she started to shiver and she took my right hand to her pussy. It was flooding with her cum. I started to caress there and then she told me ‘vegam cheettikku enthoru chooda vegam tha” . On hearing this I started to pumpin hardly and she began to moan ouchouch oooooooooo…..aaaaaaaaaa amme amme hayo. I was feeling the arrival of my thing and I told her and she replied with jerking her ass . I stopped for a second and then began to slam in hardly and oooooo what a feeling was that my entire body was beginning to tight up and with a huge moan I shoot loads of my hot sperm into her ass. We stayed inthat position for a while and then I took out my tool. It was red in colour because of the heat of her ass and vigorous fucking. I then returned home exhausted and I saw her marching towards toilet to have a quick shower before he children comes. Hope u all enjoyed this too. Pls send me comments. Female readers are also welcome Pls mail me tonyaugn@yahoo.com

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