Well friends I’m Ashish from Delhi. I’m a quite regular and frequent visitor of the porn sites especially the erotic stories column. Wont deny that have learnt a lot from these sites n used in my experiences. Today I’l be sharing one of my experiences with my dearest lovely bhabhi, Roma darling who is just too good and adorable. Her looks and movements can bring a bulge in any mans tool. She just makes me go mad everytime I look at her now also after exploring her so many times.

Well here it goes. Roma is 30 yrs old with a figure of 34-30-32. On top of this she has got black shiny eyes which attract any passerby like anything, with those blond hair falling till her waist. She generally wears sarees..those chiffon ones..or suits also with short sleeves n see through types. I know some people have started imagining her beauty. I always admired her beauty and shagged quite a lot thinking of having her on my bed. And well it happened last month itself. Don’t worry my story isn’t like others people’s in which the family goes out or the same old plot. My experience took place at home only when everyone was in delhi. And it still keeps happening in tits n bits even my mom and dad and bhaiya are at home. Sounds amazing na. Keep reading friends n babes who mite write back to me immediately.

Well one afternoon me and bhabhi were returning from the market. And mom has gone to massi’s house and she was supposed 2 b back in 2-3 hours. We crossed Sapna cinema and over there the movie “Ek Choti Si Love Story ” was being played. She generally asked me ki Ashish have u seen this movie. I said no bhabhi..have u seen it..she goes ki nahi but wanna see it. I with a nauty smile asked her y?? she goes ki being frank I wanna know what scenes are there that have created this havoc. I said oh yeah.. then I got the courage and asked her..hey bhabhi have u seen any adult movie.. this movie shows a very small clip or trailer of whats shown in adult movies. Now we are getting frank. She said nops..i haven’t seen any adult movie either. now I thought yes I have a chance.

I asked her Bhabs u wana c a adult movie..she looked in my eyes and asked .R u serious.. I said yes…if u want we can go home n watch a a movie..even mom’s not at home.she hesitated but agreed soon…the whole way back home I was excited ki I mite have a chance aaj…we reached home n entered my room..told her 2 b comfortable and switched On the AC…then I said u wanna c a hindi or an English movie..shes goes any..then I opened my CD shelf and took out an amazing…one of the best 1 have English CD…as this is my chance to grab her…..i told her to be comfortable on the bed and played the movie and in the meantime opened a bottle of beer. I took the bottle and jumped on the bed n asked her if I can see the movie after lying on her laps.

She said fine.n I also offered her the beer. She had never tasted but still as the movie had started and it seemed her temperature had started rising so she took the bottle and gulped a bit. We are watching the movie with some kissing and smooching scenes..and then the guy starts taking off the babes’ clothes…and the guy started pressing the babes boobs and made her lie on the bed n suck her boobs and suck them..bite them..lick them.caress them…suddenly I felt a hand on my chest pressing me hard.I looked back n saw it was Roma dear’s hand…..she had started getting aroused and said to me…just stop it….I cant take it..I need your bhaiya if u wanna play this movie..

I told her ki he’s not here but I’m here..she looked in my eyes…and later I knew even she had an eye on me…suddenly she started kissing my cheeks…then the lips..and we got wild in minutes…I felt as if her heat was long inside her and wanted 2 come out soon….we were kissing passionately while the movie was also playing…then I made her lie down n opened the buttons of her black sleeveless blouse with my teeth..I could very well smell the perfume which was making me go more mad…I cud not imagine I’m getting my luck aaj….even she was desperate for it..and wanted more..took off her blouse and turned her around 2 tease her….and started massaging her back with hot olive oil and scratching her back…..she was getting more n more aroused…..and said ki don’t tempt and do the main thing…u really seem 2 b experiences and even ur bhai has never been so good..I said.wait dear.this is the starting…then I rolled her back……took some ice cubes dipped with lemon juice and started smocing them on her tits which were getting hard and red…the heat of her body was meeting the wetness and coldness of the ice….but we were enjoying..