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Indian Sex Stories Updated daily - FREE Desi Erotic Sex stories. Indian Aunt Stories, Incest Stories by Indian Female Authors, Lesbian, Gay Stories for Indian

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Raat ki Aafat - eXBii

The concept for this story dates back to 20 yrs when SARITA magazine
started to put personal problems of readers in the form of story. I
was young at that time and had my first cum reading this story.

My name is Sujatha and I live in Delhi with my husband. I have been
married for 4 years and I still don't have a child. The reason being
that my husband does not have any interest in sex or maybe because
he has never been able to actually penetrate me properly. Our
lovemaking is for only 1-2 minutes that too once a week, in which
half of the time he tries hard to attain erection and mostly even
with out the penetration he cums on me. Lot of time I had tried to
scoop his cum and put it inside me but still nothing has happened so

Currently I am 22, convent educated in Roorkee, but unfortunately
because of the sudden and early demise of our father, my mother in
Rampur married me hurriedly. We were told that my in-laws are a very
rich, so that made my Mom to marry me off in this family. Actually
my in-laws used to be rich at some time but as usual since nobody
was there to take care of the vast farming land they had, everything
went away as my father-in-law had started living in Rampur. Apart
from my husband, there was another son who was a mentally retarded
boy of 10 yrs plus there was my husband's sister who was 9 yrs old.
Whatever land was still there, it was taken care by the cousins of
my husband, as it was side by side to there land as well. Actually I
have 2- cousin brother in laws. One whose name is Ganesh is around
42 yrs of age and is still a bachelor, and the one who really takes
care of my in-laws. He is the one who brings anaj from the gaon,
sells the remaining fasal and gets cash. Since my father-in-law was
always not very well, half of the time he used to stay in our house
in Rampur. He is the one who is always helpful and actually he is
the one who is taking care of my mentally retarded bro in law. He
has learned lot about medicines also and can actually give
injections too as my father-in-law required injections every other
day. So all in all he was like a god to the family and for the
family second only to the father-in-law.

But he was not god for me because right after marriage he would
often give me lecherous looks and a woman knows best in this kind of
scenarios. Whenever I was in sasural, he used to make excuses just
to touch my upper hand or my backside. Lots of time I had caught
trying to sneak my tummy as well. Now I am the kind of girl who was
made for this kind of life. I had my own dreams and ambitions as a
normal well- educated girl, but as always happen in our world, I had
to content with what ever came my way. I had even stopped going to
my parents town as then I had to meet my friends who were also
married and listening to their lifestyle, husbands and in-laws was
just little too much for my ears. Well enough of this bakwas.....

It happened the year when my father-in-law died in summers. Both my
husband and me went to home and after the 13th day my husband had to
leave and join his office. It was decided that for at least next 3
months I would stay with the family and help them get over with life
since my mother-in law was a person who had started finding solace
in pooja pat was not giving any attention to the rest of the family.
My sasural was a small house with one hall, kitchen, pooja ghar,
toilet and a lawn on the ground floor, plus one room on the terrace
where the bathroom was on the other side of the terrace. Both my
husband's sister and mentally retarded brother were living on the
first floor room and my mother-in law asked to me stay with them so
that they would get some company. Now this fellow Ganesh used to
sleep on the terrace during the night since this way he was close by
in case my mentally retarded brother in law gets any fits even
though Ganesh used to inject him with tranquillizers each night.

It was on the third night that I suddenly woke up from a sexy dream
in my sleep because of thirst. I found that my saree and blouse were
in disarray and in fact top 2 of my blouse buttons were undone and
blouse cups where real wet. I was really puzzled because rest of the
portion was real dry so it couldn't be because of sweat. My saree
was up till my lower thighs and there was wetness even on my toes.
Now being a bahu in a traditional family I use to always wear saree
and blouse. In the night since it was summer time, there was no need
to wear bra as my blouse were never of low cleavage and saree pallu
was good enough to cover up my treasures. Any way I didn't give it
much of a thought and went back to sleep after drinking water.

Next day there was some ceremony where in food is served to pandits
so whole day I was working in the kitchen and by the time I went to
bed I was dead tired. I didn't bother to take the evening bath and
it was unusually hot day. At around midnight I felt wetness seeping
my cunt and immediately I huddled up thinking that my periods have
started pretty early. Even before I could have come out of my
slumber, I felt hands all over me�cupping, fondling and
caressing me intimately. That was Ganesh ji lying beside me on my
bed and even my head was cradling his arms. What's this? Stop it, I
say, stop it" I hissed, fighting to free myself from his embrace but
he was too strong for me and somehow my inner strength was not
there. The sudden impact of my craving lust was just too much for
handle at that instant. My mind was still coming out of the blow
that it was something that was happening in real and not in my
dreams. But somehow I managed to bring my hands to his chest and
pushed with all my strength, but again of no avail.

I think that he realized that it is a comprising situation for me I
can't do anything right now but just to murmur for him to stop. Both
my younger sister/brother in laws were sleeping hardly 10 feet away.
He looked into my eyes as he slid his arms around my waist and tried
to pull me close to him, but I managed to put my backside to him. I
could feel his hard cock against my ass. He looked huge compared to
my husband. As I tried to pull away from him, he reached up and
gripped my hair and pulled my head back and kissed my lips as I
struggled against him. He slid his tongue into my mouth as I tried
to turn my head away but he held my head in place as chewed me on my
lower lip.

As he broke off the kiss to look into my eyes, I was sharam ke mare
pani pani and couldn't even look into his eyes. I said to
me. "Ji!!!!! Aap kya kar rahe ho?" "Bhagwan ke liye aisa mat
karo!!!!!" "Please stop." "Mein ek bhyata hoon." But he was like an
animal at that time. He knew my precarious situation, his position
at home. He pulled my head back and gripped one of my arms and held
it behind my back and said to me. "Stop struggling, and listen to
me, be quiet as I just want to kiss you and go." So instantly words
came out of my mouth "You promise that" but instead of answering he
grinned and turned me around "I promise but I want you to kiss me
hard without any hesitation." Then he leaned over and kissed me hard
and slid his tongue into my mouth. He then broke off the kiss and
turned me on my me back and got over me with out warning and while I
was facing him, kissed me hard on the lips for the next 10 minutes.
As I was gasping for breadth, I tried to took away my face from his
hold, he quickly put all his weight on me pinned my arms over my
head and continued the kiss. I was suddenly drowning into the world
of desires, desires that were never full father-in-law by my
husband, but I was also feeling shame as after all he was a paraya
mard, who was twice my age and that too almost of my father's age.
Suddenly he stopped kissing me but kissed down my body from my
blouse, over my nipples and to my navel. This was breaking all my
dams and I again said "Ji......please yeh kya kar rahen ho aap". But
more than half of me wanted this more than anything else as he
kissed and licked my navel. He then kissed me down on the outside of
my left leg to my toes, moving slowly up and down my leg kissing and
licking my leg. Since he had reached to my legs and toes, I thought
maybe now he'll go away and leave me alone. I was trying to tell me
that its just harmless and after all he has done so much for us,
what's the harm if just wants to kiss me, perhaps he might have felt
lonely and everything would be normal between us. Suddenly, I
stiffened. The blood pulsed wildly in my veins and a sudden wave of
heat engulfed me and threatened to overcome me. I just couldn't
believe what was happening. His hands were on my buttocks, feeling
them, squeezing them - he was actually caressing me back there!

I didn't know what to do. Till now I had though that I was in
control. Should I order him to stop, or should I just ignore it? If
I would have got angry before, then perhaps I might have intimidated
him, but now he was brazen enough to touch me like that, and he
might create enough noise and get violent. But on the other hand, if
I just ignored him, might he not interpret that as an invitation to
continue? Oh God, what should I do, I wondered wildly. His work-
hardened coarse hands continued their lewd manipulation of my softly
yielding ass cheeks, while he again started kissing me biting my
lips and it seemed that an eternity passed in those few seconds.

Then, I could stand it no longer, it was now or never as I had
myself started to loose confidence. "How dare you? How dare you lay
your hands on me? You had promised that it will just be a kiss but
now you've gone too far this time!" I said everything in one go
panting from my exasperated speech, as it was the last chance for me
to come out of it.

Suddenly me throat felt dry. I could only stare in horrified
amazement at the triumphantly grinning figure of him in the dark.
The enormity of the implication of his action was slowly etching
itself on my disbelieving brain. "Will you please leave?" I said in
a tone of quiet command, but he only edged forward, and then
suddenly, grabbed me by the wrist, pulling me close to him. His
other arm closed tightly around me, and I was paralyzed with fear. I
decided that if I ignored him, he might get tired of his little
game. "That night when you were with your husband I saw everything
and I know how's big jerk your husband is, isn't it?" He taunted. "I
know inside out of your husband, I know the size of his cock and I
know he good for nothing for such a beautiful and sexy woman like
you." I felt a rush of nausea, Oh God help me...he knows everything
between my husband and me. "And I did see your pussy that night, all
red and juicy and ready and I bet its never really fucked? "Oh stop
it! Stop it!" I screamed suddenly, beginning to struggle wildly,
unable to take any more of me captor's leering obscenities.

I felt that same hand slip down along the curve of me waist and once
more cup my buttock, squeezing it intimately in a lustful gesture. I
felt totally devoid of control over my own body and mind. Something
had snapped in me when I had finally realized that this man had
witnessed my flop lovemaking and now I realized his domination over
me was complete. I was barely aware of his hand caressing my tummy,
insinuating itself into my navel, inching slowly towards the folds
of my saree. I was feeling so much shame and also his fingers were
really tickling me so much on my tummy that I just let my head burry
in his naked chest and my eyes were closed.

He hugged and held me tight, with every inch of his body touching no
my body. With other hand he was massaging my back and occasionally
my butt also. I could feel his erect cock touching my stomach over
my sari. Also my bladder the reason I got up was getting fuller and
I started to worry about peeing. I again felt his wandering hand
press against the softness of my belly and move downwards toward
saree folds. Oh God, what is happening? My sari's folds were getting
undone and I was in no position to put them back on. Then he pulled
on my sari and pushed it to my thighs. I thought wildly, really
aware for the first time that someone was taking off my saree, not
even my husband had done this for me. His hand was actually inside
my petticoat now and was edging down towards my now trembling
vagina! I was taken aback by this and I could hear myself mumbling
meekly, "Ji, please do not do this. Why are you going this far? Ji,
please someone will come, I am feeling so ashamed."

He ignored my pleas, "It is late at night. No one is going to come,
trust me." He raised both my hands above my head and pinned them
firmly with one hand. With his other hand, he pulled on my sari till
it was just a pile of cloth at my feet. Now, I was lying there in my
thin blouse and petticoat. He looked me up and down and grinned
while still holding up my hands. I was so ashamed to have this
rotten guy take advantage of me, but there was nothing I could do.
Then he pulled on the nada holding my petticoat. Pretty soon, my
petticoat was also on my thighs. "Oh God, stop it! STOP IT! !" I
again hissed, struggling wildly. I couldn't let this happen - no
matter what, I had to stop his lewd advances before they got any
further. My startling thoughts had thrown me off balance, putting me
off guard, and now, this revolting man was trying to fondle me down
there! "Don't worry, let me just touch you there and then I will
stop". As his words were sinking in he took advantage of me
immobility and eased his hand inside the flimsy nylon protection of
me panties and slipped down to the soft, hair-covered vagina. The
fingers hesitated there for a moment before slipping upwards and
teasing slowly into the warm moist furrow of my pussy.

A shudder coursed through me as I felt his hard insistent fingers
down between my thighs on my naked genitals. I felt powerless to
move. He had forced his hand inside my panties - I had allowed
things to get this far - and now, there was nothing I could do about
it! I felt broken, but my mind was telling me that I am just a
victim of events because it's all the fault of my husband who was
just not a man enough to satisfy me. His fingers probed and searched
in my cuntal folds, exploring the smooth, slightly pulsating lips,
teasing about with confidant insistence. I was surprised at my own
reaction to another man's hand between my legs. I knew it was partly
because of me disembodiment from physical feeling, but couldn't deny
that the strange fingers didn't feel bad down there. No, it can't
be! my mind screamed, it can't be happening to me! But there was no
doubt now about it - I couldn't deny it. I was beginning to ENJOY
his fingers in my pussy, and in spite of my mind's horror, me
traitorous body was beginning to undulate gently in time to his
insistent fingers between my thighs.

He also felt a surge of triumph on sensing my submission to him.
There was no denying that I was beginning to like it - he could feel
a tiny, but sensuous flexing beginning inside my trembling vagina,
and my whole body was beginning to shiver in anticipatory pleasure.
He had won, he had succeeded in taming this convent-educated wife.
Tiny words of pleasure began to erupt from my lips and I leaned more
into him. I was being subjugated by the betrayal in my body, my will
to resist curbed by the greater mastery of desire. His other hand
was not working for the first time at me firm rounded breast,
squeezing and tweaking the hard turgid nipple through me blouse.
Then, with a sudden upward movement between my legs, he ground his
fingers hard into the wetly throbbing opening of my cuntal passage
and wormed their stubby tips far up inside me. "Ooohhhhhhhhhh. .." I
moaned, jolted by the searing entry, tormented by the grating of his
nails against me sensitive inner membrane. His fingers continued
their wild rotator plundering inside me, and I felt weird new
sensations flow through my body. Oh God... This is better than when
I did it myself... I thought helplessly in the daze of my passion,
as I pressed my now hungrily pulsating clitoral bud down on the
relieving hardness of his hand.

My entire crotch was a throbbing mass of aroused nerve endings, and
I felt as if an uncontrollable fire had been kindled there. My
clitoris felt round and hard and was pulsing strongly with the
heated blood of desire, and the swollen fleshy outer lips of my hair-
lined split were moist with passion. Chills rippled through my
spine, which contrasted with the heat, which was rising from my
groin, rising up to cover me face and neck in a hot, rosy flush. I
was moaning uncontrollably now, unconscious of everything but the
delicious pleasure which was seeping into every crack and crevice in
my body and infusing me with a joy I hadn't experienced for a long
time. I felt as if I was soaring on the wings of some magical
mythical bird, which was flying high and taking me to a warm
heavenly place where he could deposit me in a comfortable nest where
nothing or no one would ever harm me again.

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