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Story of A Cheating wife


It was Saturday morning I saw my wife getting ready for her office .she is working in a big private co-operative bank as a loan sanctioning officer.
Let me tell about my wife when I got married she was about 19 years now after 14 years of marriage she has put on lot of flesh on her fair body , she was about 5.4’’tall
She is very fair her skin still after so many years is so silky so smooth she has no hair on her arms her thighs she has a bit long face almost resembling Pooja Bedi when I married her she was very slim used to wear 32 D size bra to cover her boobs which from the first I know had bigger cup size for her slim figure how ever she used to hide them very nicely with her clothes after we had two kids now she has put on more weight she is now about 58 Kgs with her height she does not look that fat but her bra size has gone up from 32 D to 34 D and they have really over grown and the more she tries to cover them in her dress more they try to come out her hips swelled with her age but she was able to maintain her waist a bit even though it measured 32 in the centre as her hips had become 38 -39 her waist looked symmetric , now she is about 33 years well matured by size shape and image
Rehana was always been centre of attraction in every function we used to for the reason is the way she used to dress she used to wear always sarees I tell u the way she used to wear them made her look so hot she normally used to make sure that her saree has lot of pleats and the material of the saree used to be for the occasion some times she will wear a cotton saree some times silk some time chiffon .but when ever she wear chiffon it used to give me hadrons even after having fucking her for almost 14 years because it used to be transparent and it look as it is sliding over her silken body her skin used to glow under the saree she used to make sure that she has worn it just below her navel she had some kind of tummy attraction as her stomach had some flesh which used to just jut out of her saree and you can feel that this part of her stomach is being used to hold her saree in the position it is it had some flesh trying to come out of the petticoat. She used to make sure that her navel always remain clean and it was so deep it used to look like a small shaved cunt and it was long too then she used to wear her saree so tight on her hips that some times in her thin saree we could make out that her panty is so small the hem of her panty used to be protruding and then when she walks her hips used to make sway with her thigh movement and then coming to her blouse it used to be some time with transparent material u can always se the lace of her bra fro m behind and then the hooks of her bra also could be made out her pallu normally used to be single pallu so u can imagine her big 34 D size cleavage as the saree used to be transparent the single pallu used to make her show lot of her tits from the fabric of her saree. shee used to wear normally sexy lacy netted bra it was my job to bring her the bra and panty because she told me that i have a wonder full eye for those women under garment so I used to purchase all her undergarments she was so fair that even if u put a drop of water on her mouth u can see the drop left over moving over skin to her chin then to her toroth as if it moving over lotus leaf.
By this time I have made you imagine how she looks to tell you in brief if you guys had watched Kabhii Sab Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi serial in the initial times how Smrithi Irani Looked .
Now coming back to our sex life she has always been fantastic partner in bed she used to enjoy sex as much even after 14 years of fucking as if she has been married only this year she never used to say no to sex and to be specific some times she used to initiate sex herself she wont mind it every day but with age catching up and the work pressure I only had now used to have normally three times a week which is quite good of fucking after 14 years of marriage as I had discuses with most of my friend s of our age they all said it is good as kids start growing my son got into his high school and we had less time to spend because of my work and her work in her bank any how she had lot of energy that she used to be ready for a fuck after her work at office then at home .
I always had this fantasy of this sexy wife of mine having sex with other guys as we were more open to sex I used to tell her about my fantasy she used to tell me as long as it is a fantasy it is quite good and she will never ever agree to have sex with any guy other then me I kept on perusing her but she never agreed or even budge an inch from her outlook but she used to do some sexy role-plays with me during sex like I used to tell her act as if I am some one else and take some other guys name while I fuck her she used to agree for all this kind of kinky things but never agreed for a real encounters I thought this will remain my fantasy for ever and will never become reality.

That Saturday morning she was getting dressed up in a sexy saree I was still in the bed it was about 8.30 PM kids had already left for school when she finished her bath and come out she had used the most intimate Prakashpoo I could see she had just shaved her pussy , her shaved pussy was treat to watch and it was the best thing about her pussy was it was in a shape of triangle with her clit protruding up above the hole and the she had the best cunt lips which were bit black on her fair skin and they were bit thick and you can go on for hours sucking and licking that gate of heaven she was very sensitive down there too and even slightest touch on her clit make her ready for a fuck.
After she had the bath I could make out she has just shaved her pussy and then she wore a transparent panty which had a design of nice flashy flowers it was so transparent that you can see her shaved pussy lips and her clit then it was so tight that her edge of the pussy was seen as if it had been entered by the panty then the back of the panty had only one small string her big hips could be seen almost fully nude it made no difference that whether she was nude or she was wearing the panty her gand was so big and so well shaped that the panty was like a black line dividing her ass cheeks. The she wore a balck lacy bra which I had brought recently the bra had very small lace behind and then the cup was netted and the cup used to cover only half of her big white tits and then the cup was covering only half of her big nipples she has very sensitive nipples they were brown and used to look contrast to her fair skin she has big nipples almost the size of two Five rupee coins put together she had such a fair tits that the blue veins starting from the edge of her nipples could be seen moving till the end of the boob which torches her shoulders . then as she wore that black bra I was getting a hard on looking at my sexy wife then she took out a white blouse this blouse was so thin that I could see the bra laces from her back then it had back opening hooks she left the hooks unhooked and started wear a red chiffon saree even the saree was bit thin and transparent then she adjusted her saree pleats over her petticoat this petticout had no strings but elastic she wore a black petticoat then she pulled her saree tight on her petticoat from behind she had this knack of wearing the saree the sexiest way her back now I could see was so well shaped and her big ass and the gand was just seen as if it will come out of her saree then when she was adjusting the front side of the saree I could make out that she was wearing it just below her fleshy navel she then asked me “ Saleem will you please put the hooks of my blouse I cannot reach from behind ‘

I got up and ran to her put my hands over her blouse and started pressing her big tits she shouted “ Stop it Saleem I called You here to hook the blouse not to unhook it I have got it ironed you will spoil the look of the blouse” I put the hooks on I could feel that the blouse has become bit tight to her body has she put on some more weight I thought her blouse arms were also seen tight and some part of her arm was looking as if it is tearing her flesh of her arms then I could make out her blouse was too deep neck 30 % of her white tits were seen from her blouse itself over and above the bra being so small covering only half of her boob cups it looked as if she was wearing the blouse only to show her tits then covering them. Then she pushed me aside and put he pallu on her blouse now I could see it was a single pullu as the red saree was thin I could see the white cleavage of her tits run deep she put a pin on her pallu to her shoulders. Then the gold chain which she was wearing was just sitting on her blouse making way fro itself inside the cleavage of her tits and as she breathed her tits rose up and down and her gold chain used to move along with her boobs.
Rehana what are you planning you are going to give every one in the office a hard on anyone can take you kidnap you and **** you I told her
Rehana told me “saleem Today our MD Mr Prakash Sharma is coming to the office we have a meeting in the afternoon so I want to impress him”
I told ‘Rehana with this type of dress that old man may want more then just impression’
‘ No just to make sure I look good I have this dress any how what are you doing in the evening why don’t you pick me up from office I will be late as after the meeting there will be a party hosted by my Manager Vivek “ Rehana told
I told her “ Rehana what time must I pick you up I have a meeting with a client I will be late so why don’t you ask vivek to drop you or take a cab’
Rehana told “ Ok Honey I will take drop from vivek “
I told be “ be care full of that guy vivek I have seen him looking at your tits and ass in the last year new year party I have a doubt that he is hot for you honey”
Rehana told “ might be he is hot but I love you honey I wont ever agree for any other guy then you , you know me well just because I love to tease guys with me dress does not make me available every Tom Dick and Harry.
I told “sweety I know you well, I to want every Tom Dick & Harry to fuck you but you don’t heed to my request , You are so sexy any man will die to cut his lund to fuck you for even once in his life”
Then she got out of the home and went to her office I went to my office after the bath all they way I was thinking how lucky I am to have such a wonderful wife who is so nice to me as a friend so sexy in bed so good mother to my kids such a wonderful cook.

By 6.00 PM my meeting with the client got postponed to the other week so what to do now I thought I had made my kids go to my mothers place after the school as Rehana had told she has a party at her office and I will also be late then I thought why don’t I go to Rehana’s office and pick her up enjoy the party as well ,as I knew most of her staff in the bank they were all nice guys so I took my car and went to her Office I reached there by 45 mins when I reached her office there was no cars in their parking lot except two cars one I know was of Vivek her manager there was other car it was Big BMW I thought it must be her MD Mr Praksh Agarwal. The security guard at the gat came to me as I parked my car he told ‘Namasthe Sir Long time did not see you “
I Asked him’ Bhadur how are you I thought there is some party at your office”
He told me” Sir the meeting got over in the afternoon itself MD sab arranged for nice lunch and I think Vivek sir Md Sab and Rehana mam are in there having some meeting Sir I am security guard here so I dont go inside and ask when they r coming I have to weight till they come to close the gate Sir’
I told “ Thank you Bhadur let me go and get her”
So I walked into her bank she used to sit in her cabin in the first floor it was about 6.45 PM when I knocked her cabin there was no response I tried to give a small push the door opened she was not there then I thought she must be with her Manger in his cabin I went there it was in the same floor but to my surprise she was there too and even Vivek was not to be seen then I thought of calling her on her cell phone then I thought they might be discussing about their budget for the next year I had seen my wife working on it last week at home since their MD has come from Mumbai they had one MD chamber which was quite big in the third floor of the building so I went to the third floor the corridors were dark as there was no lights on then once I approached the MD’s Chamber I could hear my wife voice and other two guys one was Vivek and other was Praksh Agarwal Vivek was young guy he had joined the bank recently he was an MBA and has brought lot of changes in the Bank which ad yielded lot of good results to the bank Rehana used to tell lot about this guys intelligence he was a smart looking guy about 5.10 ‘’ tall as he was a North Indian from Delhi very fair looking I used to get jealous of him sometime because when ever he used to talk to Rehana she looked more like she belongs to him and to tell you frankly they used too look a nice couple together , as I was 5.7’’ and slim and whitish his in co lour he was fair like Rehana.
Now when I reached the MDs Chamber it was well lit up . I could see the glass window had a vanishing Blinds and some portion of the vanishing blinds was left up so to my height I could see clearly what is happening inside and they could not see me as I was in the dark corridor and the inside was well lit up .
I thought of knocking the door but then I felt she is with her MD who is the whole and sole of the Bank it will not be correct on my part to barge when they were discussing some thing like a budget of the branch , so I thought let me have a look from the opening of the glass window and if there is nothing serious then I can go in .
As I came near the glass to peep in I could hear Vivek talk to his MD
‘ Sir as you had asked me I have made Rehana ready for it and she has agreed by your conditions”
I did not know what he was talking about
Prakash told ‘Rehana are you sure you can do it for your promotion “
Rehana : Sir I have thought over it and yes I think I can do it ‘
Prakash “ OK Vivek I never thought this is possible she is married has two kids and good husband and over and above she is from a traditional Mus –Lim family”
Vivek ‘ Sir you have not seen the other side of Rehana ‘
Praksh “ Is it I am surprised I have been seeing her from last six year from the day she joined our bank I never thought this is possible and to tell u frankly Vivek you the best guy we ever had in our bank who can make impossible things possible”
I did not understand what they are talking about but I thought let me wait
Prakash “ Rehana would you mind joining me at my guest house we will go there now”
Rehana “ No Sir I cannot I have told my husband that I will be back by 10 PM with Vivek”
Prakash “ So Vivek what is the solution now”
Vivek “sir Rehana has told her husband that she will be back by 10 PM now it is only 7.00 PM we have three hours time if you don’t mind you can have want you want in this chamber only there is no one in the office and only the security guy down there he is not going to come up even if some on comes he will not allow until he talks to me on the intercom.
Praksh ‘ wonderful I know you have solution to every problem “ “ what do you think Rehana “
Rehana “ sir it is ok for me my husband has some meeting with a client he will also come back after 11 PM so this place is ok for me”
I was still confused what they are talking about I did not know what it is the thing there are asking my wife
Vivek “Sir she has been well thought of what your likes and dislike as you have told me she is soo much different once she is ready she look like this but once she get into the bed you will be surprised is this the same married Mus-Lim women she is live bomb “
My Godd now I cam to know what hey were all this time talking about my godddddd
But still I thought my wife no not possible she can never do it she used to tell me about how sinfull it is to think of other guys how religious she was and she cannot I thought might be it is a dream I thought she has never ever flirted with any one for last 14 years of our marriage and has never agreed to fuck any one even though I had asked for.
But here she was offering her self to her MD for a promotion then one more thing struck to my mind how is this Vivek so confident about Rehana agreeing and was talking as if he knows her so well this I was not able to solve it became a puzzle to me.
Vivek ‘Sir should I leave you with rehana and wait in my cabin ‘
Now I thought I must run if he comes out he will see me peeping in as I was ready to run then I heard Praksh ‘Vivek You have made her ready the tradition Mus_lim women for me so you to be here if I go wrong in handling her you can correct me what do you think Rehana’
Rehana ‘ Sir this is very tricky question you are asking me what must I tell you , you know well Vivek was the first guy I ever had after my husband he has shown me what real world of sex is but with you and him together it will be bit shyful to me “
MY GOOOOOD My wife has already been fucked by Vivek I knew that he had this charm to seduce her but still I could not belive it’
Vivek “ Rehana let me be here Sir if he needs some help I can always be near you too this is some thing new to mee also and there is always a beginning for some thing new in life”
Rehana ‘ But I have never done it in front of two guys and why does he want it “
Praksh “Rehana to tell you frnakly from the day I saw you I wanted to fuck you but I thought you are not that type but Vivek made this possible this day and I want him to be rewarded for what he has done make a real Mus-Lim traditional married lady to agree to fuck me my god how did he do is still a question to me”
Rehana ‘ Sir as you wish I can but I have to go back by 10 Pm “
Praksh “ Vivek what do you think we can enjoy her beauty in three hours”
Vivek “ Sir she is so hot even three day will not be enough to quench her thirst ‘
Prakash “ is it so I had always knew that these Mus-lim women are too hot to be handled alone by their husbands ,it has been my dream to fuck a Mus-lim women from my young age now it is coming true I want this to be remembered by all three of us till last “
Now I thought my god what a slut my wife is acting as is if I was the only one she will ever fuck in her life and when I ask her to fuck some one in front of me as it has been my ultimate fantasy she says it is sin we must not do it here now she is doing what she says me cannot be done.
Oh God I love Rehana so much I never thought I will ever see this in my life any day . any how this was my dream come true also so I thought why must I disturb them let me see how much my wife will go on in the game I had dreamt of one guy fucking her in front of me but now here I am about to see her fucking two guys one very young 10 years younger to me other older then ten years to me what a combination I thought.
Now my lund was getting harder I had no chance but to remove my zip of the pant to make it comfortable then I wanted to see what is going to happen inside.
Praksh ’” Reahan look first I want you to understadn that this is not a black mail or we are using you and if you still think what we are doing is wrong you have every right to walkout of it , but if you think it is ok then you have to know what we do in sex is not at all dirty and must understand that you get more pleasure in sex if you try to be more inhibitions you remove , there is nothing dirty in sex do I make myself clear.
Here this guy was very intelligent in making her agree that what she is doing is with her own consent and they are not forcing her into it.
Some where in back of my mind I thought Rehana being so traditional and religious up bringing and the way we have spent all these year s of our married life she will walk out but to my utter disbelieve she told” sir I know what you are talking of it is ok for me I too feel there is nothing dirty in sex all these years I had thought sex with others is dirty to my good luck Vivek thought me how we must enjoy life and how sex is the most important part so this it new to me with two guys after some time even I may think of three guys”

Praksh ‘ My god you are ready then Vivek you were right about Rehana she more hot then she looks can we start the function of making Rehana our Chinal “
Vivek ‘ Sir you will feel happy that you have some one like Rehana at our office if you have her once you will become addicted to her”
Prakash “ Rehana let us start I want you to fallow my instructions for the next three hours is it ok”
Rehana ‘ Sir I am Your Dasi / Salve what ever you say I will do “
Praksh ‘ Rehana now go to the corner of the hall and stand there let us first enjoy your beauty which only you husband has enjoyed so far’
Rehana waled to the corner of the Hall while walking she made sure that her her hips sway with every movement of her legs her ass sways in rhythm as she went to the corner of the hall she stood there waiting for their comand.
Prakash said “ now dear you are our chinal and youmust obey every command of ours now take of the pin of your pallu and allow it to fall down and walk down “
Rehana slowly removed the pin from the pallu and alowed the pallu to fall of her shoulders as the pallu fell down her white tits were almost 25 % visible then Praksh told “ My god look at those sexy jugs they are already trying to come out for us to feel yes bend down and show us the cleavge she bent down the gold chain which she was wearing fell down and her globles of white flesh had almost come out half from her blouse
Praksh then told ok now turn around and show us your big gand she then turend around as she turned around she was wearing the saree so tight on her ass they could see her ass shape “ooooooooooooh God look at the perfect shape of Indian women that’s why I live saree it hides more and aslo reveals more ‘ Prakash said
Then Praksh told “ Rehana now wriggle your gand a bit so we can see how it moves it looks like having lot of flesh move your ass Chinal “
She started to shake her hips like Shakira the singer does I thought my god Look at my traditional wife acting like a paid slut.
Once she finshed shakeing her gand then Praksh told” Rehana now lift your saree and show us your gand she slowly lifted her saree over her butt her thighs were glowing as they were so fair and hairless as she lifted her saree with her petticout they saw the small panty it was just there seprateing the two ass cheeks and they were so big as her hips were full pear shaped and of 39 size they were so huge on her panty it looked sexy and hot
Praksh told ‘ Look at the lady wearing a panty like that she was ready for the show vivek she has come with this intention only”
Prakash told “ now Rehana chinal show us your navel and press your handover your pussy “
Rehana turned in front and then showed them her navel and slowly started pressing her pussy over her saree she spread her thighs more so she can press better she was getting hot giving them the show I know she gets hot as soon as I push my hand on her cunt
Prakash now said” It the turn of our chinal Rehana to show us her best asset that I sher boobs Rehana what size of bra do u use”
Rehana : Sir 34 D
Prakash “ but they look much bigger now slowly remove your blouse hooks one by one
When she tried to remove the hooks her hands were lifted and the perfect shape of her tits could be seen as she lifted her hand over her shoulders
Then she unhoked her blouse and shited it over her head as she removed the sexy bra was so hot she looked in that bra as she had 34 size tits but her cup size of D made them look big the size of the tits made them sag a bit and they were not fully errect but the sag used to make those big jugs look more sexy .then the cup of her bra was covering only half and other half was open then her nipples had already become hard because of the show she was giving then
Prakash ; Vivek look at the sexy bra she is wearing my god it must be for the occasion she has worn this bitch was ready for a nice fuck now chinal Rehana don’t remove the bra just pull the half cup over form your sexy tit and let the bra be still on your body this black bra lace looks sexy on your white flesh ‘
Rehana just pulled the bra cup down and adjusted the strips to make sure they did not trouble her as her boobs jutted out ofher bra cup she looked so hot her blosue off her shoulders but still the saree was there her saree was half open and the bra half open made her look like a B grade Malyalam Porn Movie star.
Prakash : Rehana now jiggle your tits and shake them let us see how they move”
Rehana started moving her boobs I had never seen her doing this my god she looked so sexy doing her boob shake now
Prakash; remove the saree chinal and take out your petticout let us see u in only bra and panty’
Rehana then removed the saree fully and kept it on the office table then she pulled the elastic of her petticout it slid on her tighs now she was looking like sex godeses
Prakash; Rehana you look so sexy my god if you want you can make money in croes by acting in hollywood blue films my god many will die to make a film with you how many kids do you have the birth mark and your prenancy marks show on your lower navel they make you look more sexy bosdi “
Rehana “ Sir I have two kids I do daily work out to keep my body fit I think I have made you guys happy I have never been given this kind of show even to my husband “
Vivek : Rehana for your husband you are his wife for us you are our chinal our slave so you must remember it now press your tits with your own hand I think they are so bit show us you can lick your nipples from your tounge :
This was bit strange I had never thought that she can suck her own nipples my god now she is sucking her own nipples she was getting hotter by every second

Prakash : Rehana you don’t look like u have two kids your body is still stiff and not loose I think your husband does not use you much how many times does he fuck you in a week”
Rehana :Sir thee times a week
Prakash : What a waste guy he has biryani with him and does not know how to eat it too if I were in his palce I would have fucked you every day’
Rehana ; Sir I too want every day but what to do he is busy guy
Praksh : now you give us a show of Vivekp walk in this bra and sexy pantyof yours:
Rehana started walking up and down the hall my go d she looked so hot whenshe walked her big tits moved up and down and her hips her big gand shaked well from behind
Prakash : Good Chinal now show us your Mus-Lim Chute rmeove that panty :
Rehana withotu nay hesitation removed her panty and her gleestring shaved pussy was like a nice gate way my goddddddddddddddddd
Prakash : hey Chinal Rehana come near and move your thighs apart and hold it with your finger and show the pink hole:
She came near to them and did what she was told by , by this time she was too hot her pussy had become so wet and even one touch to her clit can make her cum
Vivek ; Sir Shit she is so hot she needs to be fucked now
Rehana Sir you made me nude now u guys are still in your dresses I know what vivek looks like under his pants but sir about you I don’t know so why don’t you guys show me those Hin-du lunds
Prakash : Rehana so you have had it with Vivek before tell me frankly what diffrence do u find in him and your husband
Rehana; Sir My husaband is a good buy but his lund is not even half the size of Vivek’s lund and the amount of pleasure Viveks Dick has given me I have never had in 14 years of my husbands fucking in front of Vivek’s Lund I feel my husband’s lund look like a small boys lund.
OOOOOOOOH MY GOD I never knew what my wife thinks about my dick my god is it so small I had measured it befor eit was almost 6’’ I thought it is quite big then my god how big is Vivek’s I too wanted to see it
Prakash “Rehana my darling Chinal if you thinkVivek is too big what about mine “ saying this he removed his pants his dick was already hard MY GOD this HIN-DU Lund is going to kill my Sexy wife and it will tear her MUS-lim chute I thought
Then as she saw his maasive dick she told “ My god Vivek I never thought a man canhave such a a biglund
That was the cue for Prakash to take both of her tits in each hand and alternate licking and kissing the Rehana-nipples, while Vivek licked and nipped at her ears from behind. Rehana let her head loll back as the lust swelled in her groin. Vivek took that opportunity to lean in and kiss her furiously.

Prakash took his time working Rehana’s breasts. Her tits were full and round and being excessive, just right in the thier view, and her nipples were pointed out like little erasers and were very sensitive. A low groan escaped from her lips as the theys switched positions, Vivek moving to the front and Prakash to the rear. Prakash and Rehana kissed want only while Vivek worked on Rehana’s tits.

Moving down until he was on his knees in front of her, Vivek reached around and took the panty off and let it fall to the floor, leaving Rehana naked except for her high heels and the sexy bra. Vivek ran his hands up the insides of her thighs, to her dripping wet cunt. He plowed two fingers deep in her pussy, and Rehana felt a sharp spike of arousal roll through her body. Prakash reached around and cupped Rehana’s 34 D size tits, squeezing the pointed tips between his fingers.

“God, please fuck me,” Rehana breathed. At that moment, nothing in the world mattered except getting her hot pussy around one of these fine specimens of cock. That was the signal they were waiting for. Moving away from Rehana, they leisurely stripped off their other clothes, exposing their juicy 10-inch cocks, the ones that had brought Rehana so much pleasure back in February that Viveks lund. took her deeper into lust. When they were naked, they stood in front of Rehana, pressing their naked bodies to hers, as they took turns kissing her and thrusting their tongues deep in her mouth. Then they subtly pressed down on her shoulders, and Rehana needed no further urging, dropping to her knees in front of these two marvelous dicks. She took each in hand, and her eyes gleamed as she watched a fat drop of pre-cum boil out the tips of each cock. It somehow gave her a thrill to know that she turned on these two powerful men. With a flick of her tongue, she licked the clear fluid off the end of each dick, opened her mouth and accepted the cock on her left, which belonged to Prakash. She sucked him all the way to the root, humming with satisfaction as she did.


Vivek wrapped his hands in Rehana’s dark, silky hair and pulled her head back and forth on his throbbing boner. After a few minutes of this, she turned her attention to Prakash and gave him the same treatment, throating his cock furiously while Prakash guided her movements. Back and forth she went between the two cocks, then she brought both heads to her mouth and slashed her tongue over the purple heads. At one point, she even tried to stuff both cocks in her mouth at the same time, and managed to
Then they laid her on the sofa they got thier get both heads into her mouth, which had the effect of stretching her lips as wide as they could go.
"Oh God. Oh fuck. Feels… so… good," Rehana panted. She could feel a monstrous orgasm building like a volcano in her groin, but before she could peak, Vivek pulled his face away, stood up and turned to his MD.

"Vivek , you've got to try some of that," he said. "It's been a long time since I've had a tastier cunt."

Prakash grinned as he knelt between Rehana's outstretched legs and put his face to her crotch. But instead of plunging right in, he blew lightly on her flaming cunt, which had the same effect as blowing on a hot coal. A spasm of lust rippled up her spine as Prakash blew on her pussy, then followed it with light butterfly kisses on her clit.

"Oh my God, p-p-please! God, I'm so close, make me cummmm!" Rehana wailed as Praksh stepped up the pace of his oral assault. vivek, meanwhile, knelt on the sofa, fisted his dick at the base and pressed the head to Rehana's lips. Rehana hungrily sucked Vivek's lund into her mouth and began to work a good two-thirds of his lund back and forth in her mouth. Squeals and humming sounds cut loose from Rehana's fully stuffed mouth. Vivekwrapped his hands in Rehana's hair as he closed his eyes tight and fought for control, which was tough, because Rehana was going wild under prakash's talented mouth, tongue and fingers. She sucked him deep in her mouth, and into her throat, not caring any more about her gag reflex, then she rubbed his cock frenziedly over her lips and tongue and all over face before plunging it back into her mouth. Over and over she did this as Vivek raised his eyes to the ceiling in ecstasy.

This was the scene I would never have believed will I see if
I was said about an hour back that
my MUS-Lim Wife will do taking One big lund in her mouth and Rehana could feel a hard climax building in her , and she was wondering how long it would be before they gave her what she wanted, what she needed. The answer was soon forthcoming. Pulling her mouth away from their hard, pulsing dicks, they moved away momentarily then positioned themselves to give Rehana the fucking of her life.
From somewhere deep in her gut, Rehana felt the rumblings of a stupendous orgasm begin to build. Her entire body shuddered as waves of pleasure reached a crescendo then exploded out her crotch. Rehana pulled the cock out of her mouth and screamed in passion as she had one of the hardest orgasms she'd had in years.

Rehana's cunt was still twitching as Prakash stood up on wobbly legs and swung Rehana's legs around until she was lying full on her back on the sofa. Rehana didn't need to be told what to do; she spread her legs open wide and eagerly awaited Prakash's cock. But before he fucked her, he needed to give her one more reminder of her station in life. So he teased her with his purple Lund, rubbing the head between her lips, slapping her open, drooling sex with his shaft and taunting her vocally.

"Is this what you want? You want my big, hard dick in your hot cunt, don't you, bitch," Prakash snarled. "Little Mus-lim Happily-Married is just like all the other whores when they get a hold of a man with a big lund who knows how to use it. Isn't that right, whore?"

, Rehana at that point all she cared about was getting that prime piece of meat in her pussy.

"Fuck me," she whispered urgently. "Please. You've taken me this far; please, finish me off. Fuck me, Prakash, please, fuck me."

Prakash stood in front of Rehana, while Vivek moved in, kneeling behind her. He rubbed the head of his lund between her pussy lips and up between her ass cheeks before pushing the head of his dick past the opening to her pussy until just the head was in.

“Tell me what you want,” Vivek said, teasing her with his dick. “You know what you want.”

“Please, please, put it in, fill me up,” Rehana panted. And as she did, she arched her back and thrust her hips back onto Vivek’s smoking-hot lund. Every inch of Vivek’s big HIN-DU lund plunged into Rehana’s MUS-lim cunt, and as he filled her up, Rehana gave a long groan of satisfaction. As she quickly got into rhythm, Prakash offered her his cock to suck, and she inhaled his boner like a starving person, sucking, kissing and licking his cock with total abandon.
This was too much for me to hold on to here my wife for 14 years who acts do traditional and religious and here she is fucking not one but two HIn_DU Lunds My god I was so hot I thought I may cum even if I touch my
lund with a finger
Back and forth, they pushed and pulled her, stoking her lust to the heights of ecstasy. With a sharp squeal, she felt her climax rush through her and she humped wildly on the two cocks in her body. They nodded at each other in a knowing fashion. It was time to show this whore a new trick. Pulling their cocks out of their respective holes, they got themselves into position. Prakash lay down on the floor, his 10-inch cock aimed at the ceiling.

“C’mon and ride me, Rehana, show me how much you love my cock,” Prakash said. Rehana didn’t hesitate, but straddled Prakash’s hips, with her knees on the floor, and melted her gushing cunt down on Prakash’s cock.

I thought she cannot take that big lund in her so small chute but I was schoked

Rehana howled as she felt Prakash impale her with his luscious fuck tool, and she quickly started in an up-and-down motion, while Prakash thrust his hips up, driving his dick as deep as possible in her flooded pussy. Suddenly, Rehana felt Vivek’s fingers delving around the outside of her pussy, gathering as much of her wetness as he could. This he smeared around Rehana’s asshole, getting her nice and wet, then he plunged two fingers deep in her rectum, fingering her ass in time with the steady thrusts of his M D.

Even through the lustful and drunken haze that had veiled her consciousness, this got Rehana’s attention. She had an inkling of what they wanted, and she felt a sudden surge of panic.

That was what Prakash had been waiting for, and with a growl, he pushed the head of his dick past Rehana's opening and slowly, very slowly, pushed it past her liquid lips. Before he'd even got half of it in, Rehana felt another orgasm race through her body. She quivered and quaked as Prakash pushed himself all the way, filling her to the brim. In and in and in he pushed until he finally hit bottom. Rehana was beyond coherent thought as Prakash began to fuck her with short strokes, rutting his tool deep in her box.

Vivek stepped up to the sofa and returned his cock to Rehana's mouth from the side, and she licked and sucked his meat voraciously, so much so that he had to stop frequently to keep from cumming too soon. Together the thye used Rehana like a toy, like an object. There was nothing like love in this three-way coupling, but there was plenty of lust, and Rehana found herself wallowing in the feeling of being dirty, of having hot sex without strings or commitment, of having nothing else to worry about but pure mind-numbing pleasure.

Prakash steadily increased the pace of his cock in Rehana's pussy and was rewarded by an increased pace in Rehana's hip motion. She bucked herself upward and rolled herself around and around to get all of Prakash's pulsing cock deep in her womb. Vivek maneuvered Rehana's head to regulate the depth and angle of his lund in her mouth, and she alternately felt her cheeks hollow out as he pulled back and bulge out as he pushed it in. As Prakash began to pound himself harder and faster in her cunt, she felt another explosion in her groin as she convulsed around Prakash's pistoning penis.

All too soon, Prakash felt his balls begin to tingle, so he pulled back, then ripped his dick reluctantly out of Rehana's pussy with a wet sucking sound at the same time that Vivek extracted his dick from her mouth. A flood of female juice trickled out of Rehana's pussy following the departure of Prakash's cock, and a trail of cummy spittle followed Vivek's cock out of her mouth.

"When we get finished here, I'm going to come back and teach you how to deep throat a lund you MUs_Lim Chinal," Vivek said shakily as he positioned himself between Rehana's legs. "That's about you need to learn to become a perfect whore."

Then Vivek closed his eyes in reverie as he pushed his dick into Rehana's pussy and Vivekmed it all the way to the hilt in one long thrust. Rehana let out an orgasmic squeal as Vivek immediately grabbed her hips and began to fuck her at a hard, but measured pace, and she wrapped her legs around his waist to pull him in even deeper.

From above her head, she felt Prakash settle in. He clutched his cock at the base and ran the shaft over her nose and open mouth. Rehana curled her tongue out of her mouth and licked the shiny shaft, getting a good taste of her pussy juices as she did. Lifting her head up, she gripped Prakash's lund with both hands and brought the head to her tongue, which she used to lash the purple, bubbling head. Her whole body was on fire, all thoughts of husband and family long banished, and she opened her mouth and drew Prakash's cock into her mouth. She sucked him like that for a few minutes, while Vivek continued to stroke her pussy with strong, steady thrusts of his HIN-Du cock.

Prakash then fully straddled Rehana's head, which he pulled back, so that her mouth was open wide, and pushed his cock forcefully into her mouth and into her throat. She made sloppy, gagging noises as Prakash began to fuck her face with abandon. Together, the they pushed and pulled the tasty Rehana like a machine, sending electric waves of passion coursing through her body. In and out, out and in, they worked their 10-inch pussy pleasers like pistons, fucking Rehana like she hadn't been fucked in years. And she was reveling in it, her body a tangled mass of orgasmic feelings as she gave herself over to a lust the depth of which she'd never known she had.

The office filled with the groans, sighs and gasps of wild, unbridled passion. Up, up and up, the trio climbed the orgasmic mountain, as the cries of lust swelled, but they couldn't keep climbing forever. The twins had been hyped for quite some time anticipating this event, and finally their self-control cracked. Prakash and Vivek, communicating on some higher level known only to them, suddenly began to simultaneously pump their cocks harder than ever in their respective holes. Prakash gripped Rehana hard behind the neck and furiously fucked her mouth, almost filling her throat to the hilt and making her cheeks bulge with every thrust, while Vivek picked her legs up by the ankles, pushed them high over Rehana's head and fucked her with everything he had.

Watching Vivek pound Rehana's cunt mercilessly is what finally pushed Prakash over the edge. With a loud gasp, he felt his cock swell then explode in a dozen rusty cum shots deep into Rehana's stomach. Rehana frantically tried to pull Prakash's dick out of her mouth when she felt the head balloon, but Prakash clutched her head tightly, keeping himself deep in her mouth. Rehana felt hot jets of fluid fill her throat and mouth, and she fought to pull his cock out and keep from choking on the huge thick load of cum.

C'mon, swallow it, bitch, swallow it all," Prakash said through clenched teeth, and more as a defensive reaction, she did, all but a few drops that dribbled out the corners of her mouth and down her cheeks. Watching Rehana struggle with Prakash's oral load finally pushed Vivek to his long-awaited orgasm, and with a hiss, he gave Rehana three extra-deep thrusts then released a waterfall of cum in a dozen or more sizzling-hot spurts. He spent himself deep in Rehana's quim, flooding her womb with seemingly a gallon of cum.

The moment Vivek's cock erupted, Rehana felt the grandmother of orgasms rush right along with the spray of semen that was bathing her inner walls. For long minutes, the trio trembled and shook as the mighty throes of orgasm spent themselves.
I now knew how she has been fucked by vivek’s huge dick and how much more pleasure she is getting form that big lund compared to my small lund and how this guy has turned my wife into a real chinal

Rehana lay back on the sofa stunned as the they finally extricated themselves from her horny holes. Throughout the fairly active sex life that she'd enjoyed during her lthrough 14 years of marriage, she'd never ever been fucked like that. Her sweat-slick breasts heaved as she fought to return to some semblance of reality.

She thought for a moment that they might be through with her, so she could leave and try to sort out what had happened. But the they weren't done. They might have each dropped two Viagra pills right before Rehana had arrived, and the drug was at its peak of power. So much so that their cocks never completely deflated, but were still halfway hard, and Rehana's pussy lurched at the sight of their long lunds as they each emerged from the adjoining bathroom. Rehana sat up on the sofa and gazed at the objects of her lust, and immediately took them both in her hands as they sat back down on either side of her.

This time, Prakash sat on Rehana's right and Vivek at her left, and together they began to run their fingers through Rehana's flooded pussy. She felt herself being pulled to her left, into Vivek's lap, where his semi-hard cock ran between his legs like a giant snake. She hefted the long stem in her hands and covered it with her mouth. With Vivek still not quite fully hard, Rehana quickly found every inch of his meat in her mouth. Her lips felt Vivek's wiry pubic hair and she used a sucking motion with her throat to get him fully hard. As his shaft swelled, Rehana tired to back away, but Vivek's hand on the back of her head kept her in position. Soon, to her amazement, she found herself sucking Vivek's entire cock without gagging. Somehow, this gave her a vicarious thrill, to know that she could take a man all the way in her throat.

Rehana bobbed her head and slashed her tongue around the hard shaft in her mouth, sucking him to his base, then back up. Watching Vivek get his cock thoroughly vacuumed had inflamed Prakash's dick to Vivekpant hardness, and he knew just what he wanted. Deftly, he maneuvered Rehana onto the floor, on her knees between Vivek's legs. In this position she could really go to work on Vivek's lund, and she sucked with ever-increasing vigor.

Suddenly, Rehana felt her legs being spread apart, quickly followed by Prakash's long, active tongue. Prakash lashed Rehana's dripping cunt then worked just the tip of his tongue over her throbbing clit. Rehana groaned heavily as she felt her arousal soaring again. She couldn't believe the feelings coursing through her body. She had never been this turned on. Her mind was completely blown with the overwhelming lust that had consumed her.

Prakash worked his tongue fiercely up and down and in and out of Rehana's pussy, adding his lips and a couple of fingers to really open her up good, and as he had anticipated, she unconsciously thrust her ass up to allow him easier access. Right before his eyes, Rehana's pink puckered asshole lay open and accessible, and after one particularly vigorous swipe with his tongue up her frothy furrow, he just continued right up and lashed her asshole.

Rehana immediately bolted upright, fully aware for the first time in a while. She had an inkling of what Prakash was about to do, and that was something she couldn't allow.

"No! You can't do that!" she exclaimed wildly.

"Oh, but I can, and I will," Prakash replied.

"Please! Don't! You'll hurt me," Rehana pleaded. "I've never done it there before."

Rehana was in a sudden panic. Anal sex to her had always been something dirty, disgusting. In her mind, the asshole was for outgoing, not incoming, and she couldn't imagine that any woman would get any pleasure out of having her ass penetrated.

I had asked her about it early in their marriage, and she had emphatically rejected the notion, so he'd never brought it up again.

But Prakash ignored her pleas and continued licking her ass, getting her good and wet in her backside. After a few minutes, he eased his middle finger just past the anal ring and held it there, getting her butt used to the idea of insertion. Rehana tried to fight the intrusion into her butt, but Vivek held her tightly at her upper arms, not letting her pull away. Prakash slowly pushed his finger into Rehana's rectum and quickly established a slow, but steady rhythm with his finger. After a few minutes of this, Rehana had finally calmed down, but hot tears of Prakash rolled down her cheeks at the knowledge that Prakash was going to fuck her in her virgin ass and there wasn't a thing she could do about it.
I thought of going in and stopping it but I had the best jacking of my lund in my wife andi had shot my cum all over the floor of the corridor and my surprise my lund which never gets up after one ejaculation for hours was again getting hard seeing my homely wife getting fucked and they are getting her ready to have a big HIn-DU Lund for the first time in her Gand MY GODDDDDDDDDDD

Satisfied that Rehana wouldn't fight him, Prakash removed his finger from inside her ass, but massaged the outside of her rear opening for a few seconds before getting up and walking to his side of the desk. Vivek, meanwhile, had insistently pushed his cock back in Rehana's mouth, distracting her attention.

When Prakash returned, he had what looked like a jar of cold cream. When he opened the jar, Rehana saw what looked like a clear cream of some sort. Prakash dipped two fingers into the goo and rubbed the cream all over the opening to her ass. Rehana whimpered slightly when Prakash slowly, sensually, rubbed the cream around the entrance to her asshole and eased one of his cream-coated fingers into her rectum. Rehana groaned, in spite of her fear, and soon her groans of pain had become moans of pleasure.

Rehana was shocked by the erotic feelings welling in her body from Prakash's digital assault on her ass. After the initial pain of insertion, waves of pleasure began to radiate from her ass, helped along, she quickly realized, by the tingling effect of the cream. Soon, Rehana was thrusting her ass back onto Prakash's fingers, two of which were fucking her ass as far as they could go.

Ripples of lust soared through Rehana's body as Prakash fingered her ass. The feeling was like nothing she'd ever experienced before, a fullness that seemed to touch every nerve ending in her butt. At that moment, she finally understood the attraction of anal sex, and when Prakash thrust the other fingers of his hand into her twitching twat and began to double-fuck her with his fingers, Rehana arched her back and screamed as an incredible orgasm swept over her. Keeping her fist wrapped tightly around Vivek's cock, she panted out her climax, humping her hips back on Prakash's hand. What she did next shocked her. C'mon Prakash, sir fuck my ass," she said in a firm voice, completely unbidden from her hosts. "Fuck me someplace my husband's never been. I want to feel your cum in my gand."

Prakash looked up at Vivek and grinned. As expected, as had been the case with all of the others, overwhelming lust had easily trumped the marital vows. Rehana was theirs, completely and totally.

Gripping his cock at the base, Prakash eased the head of his cock to the opening of Rehana's ass and pushed slightly. In spite of her wanton desire, Rehana tensed at the touch of his dick at her opening.

"Relax," Vivek said softly, even gently, as he watched his MD begin to claim his prize. He held Rehana tightly as Prakash pushed the head of his cock past her anal ring. There was some resistance at first, but within moments, the head popped past her tight ring and he felt his cock in Rehana's hot, virgin asshole. Rehana screamed as she felt her butt hole being violated. The pain was intense, and she tried to wriggle her ass off his dick. But Prakash was insistent and Vivek continued to hold her tightly. Prakash simply waited, with the head of his dick firmly, tightly, in her ass. He started making slow fuck motions, slowly but surely pushing himself deeper in Rehana's ass. After a few minutes, Rehana felt the pain subside, replaced by a warm glow of pleasure. As Prakash eased inch after inch of his long, fat cock in Rehana's asshole, Rehana began to lose herself in the feelings. Something about the wickedness of what she was doing inflamed her, and when Prakash had a little over half of his cock in her ass, Rehana hurled her hips back to get every bit of his love tool in her ass

Rehana went wild at that point. Everything she'd ever known or thought about sex had been thrown out the window as she humped her ass back on Prakash's pounding lowda. At the same time, she consumed Vivek's dick, sucking him like it was her last meal, deep-throating his cock, then licking the underside of his shaft, then back to sucking. Over and over she did this, as Vivek pushed up with his hips to fill Rehana's mouth and throat with as much of his cock as possible. He marveled at how quickly Rehana had picked up the art of deep throat. Rehana had proven to be a wildcat under her conservative, happily-married women.

Prakash couldn't believe how hot and tight Rehana's ass felt. He fucked the buttery walls of her rectum with absolute abandon, and Rehana fucked right back with equal ardor. She fucked her ass wildly on Prakash's throbbing tool, and when she reached underneath her body to finger her bloated clit and dripping pussy, she had a flash orgasm that built into a ever-rising series of orgasms, one after the other. She worked herself frenziedly back and forth between the two cocks that were giving her so much pleasure; more pleasure than she thought could be possible from sex.

They could feel the cum building in their balls as they slammed their dicks into Rehana's body. Low moans escaped their lips as they fucked their new Chinal.

Prakash could feel the gravy strokes coming, so he straddled Rehana's thighs, gripped her hips tightly and Vivek his cock viciously in her ass. Vivek was nearing completion, as well, and he humped his cock deep in Rehana's throat. Rehana, too, was climbing inexorably to a truly awesome full-body orgasm as she strummed her clit, which she could never recall being this swollen, while she used two fingers from her other hand to fuck her pussy in rhythm to the sublime fucking her ass was receiving.

With a roar, Prakash felt his cum jet through his shaft and spew out the end of his dick. He fucked hard right through a succession of rock-hard cum shots that bathed Rehana's rectum in white fuck sauce. Seconds later, Vivek lifted his hips up one final time and exploded deep in Rehana's throat, and this time she clamped her lips around the base of his cock and used her mouth and throat to milk every drop of Vivek's cum into her stomach.

As she felt the twin jets of cum filling her body, Rehana shuddered from her head to her toes as the most massive orgasm she'd ever felt roared through her like greased lightning. The moment Vivek's cock finished spewing, she lifted her head from his lap and howled, loud and long. Prakash's cock slipped out of Rehana's ass at that point, and he and his brother sat back and watched in awe as Rehana's body was racked with orgasmic spasms. It was all too much for her, and with a gasp, she slumped forward on the sofa, passed out.

When she finally came to, Rehana was still laying face down on the sofa. Slowly, wearily, she lifted her head and looked around for a moment, as if unsure of where she was. She was startled when she saw that both the guys were fully dressed behind their respective Tables
Prakash looked up when he noticed that Rehana had stirred.

"Get dressed," he commanded. "When you're dressed, we'll tell you what we've decided to do."
She was now able to get dress also she was there lying on the sofa she was exhausted by the way she has been fucked in her all hole her mouth her chute and finally her virgin ass by her manager and also MD

I just touched my dick the cum flew again it was a shattering experience I never felt before I never knew that my wife can give such pleasures
As She was getting up to dress I thought I must now leave and go home before she come out of the chamber once she was trying to put her panty on Mr Praksh “Rehana wont you let me keep this panty as a remembrance of todays fucking ‘
Rehana “sure sir this is the best fuck I ever had in my life I never knew that sex can be so beautiful and thanks for giving my ass it is first lund fucking I had never even allowed my husband fuck there my god it was so good “
Praksh : Rehana tell me frankly if I tell you I have decided not to give you the promotion for which you got yourself fucked like a Bosdi then’
Rehana ; Sir I don’t mind if you don’t give me the promotion today I a have had the best fuck of my life to tell you frankly when I was getting dressed in the morning itself I had decided to give you my chute for the promotion now I don’t regret as you introduced me to the pleasure of anal fucking’
Vivek ; Sir did I not tell you she is one hell of a whore dressed in married womens attire ;
Vivek cam e near her and as she was putting on her blouse and again started to rub his hand all over her boobs my got I cannot take my hands of your sexy boobs
Rehana ‘ it is already 9.30 can we go now I have had enough tonight I have to reach home before my husband comes”
Then as she was dressing I left the building all the way home the picture of my sexy wife having the best fuck of her life was moving my head my god what a real slut she is then I reached home had a bath and was waiting for my wife
By 10 .00 PM she came “Hello honey you are back before me “
I asked her” How was the meeting
Rehana “ You know My MD Mr Prakash has given me a promotion saying I ahd doen well with the budget “
I said “congratulation honey the way you got dressed in the morning I thought he will did u seduce him”
Rehana ; what do u think I am a whore that I have to offer my body to get the promotion you know I will never allow any body else to touch my body other then you Ok I may just tease guys with my dress that’s all”
My God look at the cheating wife she is thought she has got the best fuck of her life by not one but tow guys and she is saying with such an ease as if nothing has happened
I said “ so let us have party when I saw you in the morning dressing like that from that time I am hard that when are you going to come back and when I am going to fuck you” I moved myself near her and pushed her to the wall and pulled the pallu of her saree before she could say any thing her pallu was off and I was so hot that i could not wait I almost tore her blouse as her boos started to jut out of her sexy bra she suddenly sat on the floor pulled my pants down and took my lund in her mouth my god the feeling of her sexy face and her mouth made me think what a real slut she is now suddenly my mind went back to what I had seen about an hour back her innocent face sucking those massive lunds now here she is sucking mine as if nothing has happened now I removed her saree fully and pushed her down the bed and I saw she was not having her panty now I could not control to fuck her I ejaculated not being able to control thinking of her innocent face her lusty eyes came before my mind as she was talking those lunds in her ass he chute her mouth now she started licking every drop of my cum from my small dick she said’ Darling what is this you came so fast I wanted to have it with you I know you cannot get this thing back till morning “ then she walked away to the bath room
My god what a bitch she is she made sure I wont ask her questions by sucking and making me cum so I wont fuck her and know how she has been fucked up