Never ever I thought I’ll write my experience in incest category, but I couldn’t resist the urge after people started asking for more. This happened sometime back when I went to my cousin home. She is a bit elder to me, married. We live in a big city. One weekend I went to my friend’s room to meet him after a long time. After spending time with him till evening, I left the place. While returning, it started raining heavily. My home was around 20kms from friend’s room and I got stuck in rain after riding for some ten kms.

I came to know that trees have fallen everywhere and most of the roads are blocked and water has flooded into roads and houses so I towed my bike to cousin’s home which was near to that place. I was completely drenched in the rain she welcomed me gave towel. I went to bathroom, removed all clothes and came out having towel tied around my waist. I came to know that her husband has left to another state on some office work hold on guys, no, just being in towel and her husband’s absent doesn’t mean we can invite each other for fuck and have sex.

Unfortunately, her hubby had taken away most of his clothes and his remaining clothes were washed and was put up on terrace for drying, which are wet now, due to rain. She tot for a moment and then called inside room and gave her panty to wear for time being! It was brown, very less clothes, it was more looking like T than V. didn’t say anything. Tried to pull it up through legs inside towel. She was standing there itself. Finally I wore, but you know what, my two balls had come out on either side of the panty, and my dick stood ninety degree checking the elasticity of her panty.

I quickly covered my outside visible organs with hands she saw my difficulty. Then she gave one of her black petticoat to wear upon it so that the balls and the erection will not be visible. I wore the petticoat. Ohh! now my balls got covered but the dick’s pointed erection came out through the slit petticoats will be having where they tie the knot. She started laughing it was very embarrassing for me. I put my one hand on the petticoat slit to cover the point now she went and brought one of her green, flowery nighty to put on the petticoat. I wore it was very loose. Two of my kind could have fitted inside that nighty.

Now the dick’s erection was not visible. I was feeling shy to have ladies dress on me but she was quite enjoying it. I angrily asked “u made me wear your panties, have u ever worn men’s underwear?” she “ya…even now, I have worn my hubby’s VIP see here” she pulled her 3/4th short a bit down and showed it to me nice couple, I thought they wear each other’s clothes it was still raining heavily outside we took dinner and went to sleep we slept on the same bed. I was looking at ceiling fan and thinking something bed lamp was on.dim yellow light was there after sometime, she turned to me and asked