I want to share my sexual experience. My name is Anil and presently I am 25 yrs old. Me and my parents live in delhi. Once during my summer vacations, we planned a trip to bangalore. The reason was that my parents wanted to buy some property in bangalore, as it is our hometown. We stopped at mathura because one of my cousin brothers is staying in mathura with his wife. We thought of spending a couple of days in mathura and then proceeding further. When we reached my cousin's place, we found that my cousin was not there.

He had gone to mumbai on business purpose for two weeks. So at home were Bhabhi(sister-in-law, Brothers’ wife) and her elder sister Neha who was also married. Bhabhi had two children - one a girl of 4 yrs (her name was Deepa) and another a boy of 6 months. Neha's husband had also gone on a business tour to Hong Kong and that is why she was staying with her sister. Bhabhi was 26 yrs old and without any children. They had been married only for a year. Bhabhi was stunning. She was tall and fair and had a very attractive figure. Her sister (30 yrs) was also beautiful though she had delivered two children. the initial two days were of great fun. After that my parents decided to go to bangalore and they told me to stay with Bhabhi as they would be busy dealing with property dealers and told me that I would get bored.

I started complaining to my parents and at that moment Bhabhi came into the room and said to me, " Anil, you would not regret staying here" and saying this she stroked my cheek. that afternoon my parents left. Now Bhabhi, Neha, her two kids and myself were the only ones in the house. After my parents had left, I went to Bhabhi's bedroom and switched on the TV and started watching it.

After fifteen minutes, Bhabhi and Neha came to the room with Neha clutching the baby in her arms. I asked them where Deepa was and they said that she was sleeping in the other room. Neha sat very close to me on the bed and Bhabhi said that she was going to take a bath. Bhabhi took her clothes from the almirah and went inside the bathroom. suddenly the kid started crying. Neha was swift to react. she dropped the pallo of her red saree, started unhooking the hooks on her black blouse from the front and in no time exposed the translucent black bra that she was wearing. She had unhooked her blouse completely and her two bra cups were completely exposed to my gaze.

My goodness, what a breast she had. Perfect round cups and the nipple being clearly visible owing to the translucent bra that she was wearing. The bra was a low cut one and a large portion of her cleavage was exposed. I had a sudden hard on. After that she took her hands behind and undid the clasp of her bra. Her breasts shook briefly. then she pulled one bra cup and exposed her breast completely. She had a milky breast and the nipple was in perfect contrast to it. It was of perfect black color and the circumference was too large. It almost occupied her half breast. She took the nipple between her two fingers and guided it into the kid's mouth. The kid had stopped crying and was suckling the nipple hungrily. My cock was rock hard in my underwear and I was feeling the pain as my monster tried to tear apart the fabric of my underwear.

After placing the nipple in her kid's mouth, she was casually watching the television, but now my eyes were glued to her breast rather than to the TV. I was feasting my eyes on the nipple that her kid was sucking as well as on the other nipple that was less hidden and more exposed by the sheer fabric of her lacy bra. Very soon because of the body movements that she was making her other breast also came out of her bra and was hanging loose outside. I just could not control myself. After a little while she stopped nursing the kid. She gradually pulled him from her nipple and placed him on the bed. As she did so, her both breasts were dangling outside, the nipple that the baby had sucked was rock hard and the other one was of usual size.