Hi. This is rohan. I'm 26 years of age and workin in mnc as accountant.This is story of me and my Bhabhi. We were living as family in gujarat with my Father (Who is a businessman), Mother (Housewife), an elder brother Vijay (28 yrs of age and Engineer), his wife Sujata (My dear Bhabhi, 27 yrs of age and housewife) and myself. We were very happy family. I was like younger brother to my Bhabhi. This incident happened four year ago when i am doing my graduation.I had always respected my Bhabhi as my elder sister and we had very healthy and friendly relationship. I used to discuss my girlfriends with her and used to tell her how I proposed one and flirted with other and all that. Finally I fell in love with Puja who was also studying with me. Puja was nice girl with perfect figure, look and good sense of humor but her one draw back was that she is short tempered and used to get angry on many small, small things. Bhabhi helped me a lot in this relationship. She also gave me money to buy gifts or other things for her and also advised in events of strains in our relationship. My Bhabhi is very soft hearted and emotional person and I like this characteristic of her very much. And in look she will certainly compete with any typical Bhabhi of Ekata Kaoor's serial and easily win over them. She is 5'5" tall, fair, slim with perfect curves and figure. She is really beautiful. In this way our life was going smooth even on bumpy road of life. But one car accident took life of my brother and our life changed forever. We completely broke down after this incidence and Bhabhi was one who was affected most by it. She used to cry whole day and in night also one could hear sobbing sound from her room. She took nearly 4 months to come out of those sad feelings and to live as normal life. I tried a lot to make her happy and feel comfortable in that house in which she had entered with her husband to live for whole life but destiny took her companion in middle of their journey living her all alone. But as days passed she recovered and our bond was getting more and more stronger. I started to take her to shopping and all that. I used take care of her a lot.

I was spending more and more time with my Bhabhi and I was enjoying it. I was so happy in her company. I never felt same when I used to with Puja. And so I was loosing interest in Puja. I always used to compare her with Bhabhi and in each case Bhabhi was in winning side. And finally we broke up. But I was not feeling bad. I don't know why but now I was feeling that I don't need girlfriend. At this point of time I was not ready to accept that I love my Bhahi but ya I know that I Cares a lot for her..Then after nearly two year of that incidence Bhabhi's sister delivered a baby and so she planned to visit her in Nagpur. On that day morning when she had to leave we all were feeling so sad and specially me.Because I was so used to with Bhabhi in house that I was on the verge of crying. She noticed that and came near to me. She caressed my hairs and said that "What happened Vicky. It's just a matter of couple of weeks. I will be back soon. Don't feel bad ok. And take care of Puja. She is little stupid but ignore her mistakes and don't fight with her. And hurry up. I will get late. Are you coming to drop me on the Station or not? Hurry up." I unwillingly took her suitcase in my hand and sat in the car. She took blessings from my parents and came down and sat in the front seat. I knew she was also feeling sad while leaving but was trying to hide it behind that false smile.We were heading to station but our fortune had something other in its mind. On that day it was raining from early in the morning. Many roads were jammed due to water. And rain was not even slowing down. Bhabhi was getting tense but was trying to calm down. After driving for nearly half an hour we got struck in the traffic. We were moving inch by inch and finally

At one place we had to stop. Rain was pouring heavily and water started rising on streets. Peoples started leaving their cars and were walking on flooding roads. So it was clear that we will not be able to catch the train. But now it was impossible even to go back. Bhabhi was now really scared. She looked at me and said, "Vicky lets go back home". "Leave the car here only and we will go by taxi." I was also thinking same so when I tried to open the door, I could not open it.It was jammed due to pressure of water from out side. Now we were in real trouble. We tried all possible ways but could not succeed. Water was rising and it reached till window. We even tried to break the glass but we could not. It was too tough to break by hand. We thought that we will not able to go out of car and so will die here only. Bhabhi now really broke down and started crying. So I went near her and while consoling took her in my arms and told her "don't worry we will be all right. Don't afraid." Then she said, "Vicky I am not afraid of my life. I am a widow and have no one to cry behind me. It doesn't matter that I die today or after 50 years, it is one and the same. I am afraid for you. You have future waiting for you. You have to take care of Mummy and Daddy. And you got unnecessarily in trouble due to me. I am so sorry. Please forgive me." Just imagining her death I realized that how much I cares for her and I said "Bhabhi don't ever say that. You are not alone. I care a lot for you. I can't even think to live without you. And if any thing bad happened to you, then that day will also be last day of my life. Don't worry, trust me. I will take us out." She was looking in my eyes. She had no word to say. She may have felt my feelings. We hugged each other. Her body melted in me. We remained like that for nearly 15 minutes.

I was caressing her back and took hold of her face and wiped her tears. She was looking so beautiful, I felt to kiss her then and there on her lips but I restrained my self. I kissed her on forehead. Till that time water had reached just few inches below the roof of car and was stared to enter inside from don't know where.Then I remembered that there is tool kit in the drawer of dashboard. I took out spanner from that and broke the front glass. Suddenly streams of water entered in car and we both got fully drenched in that. Then first I got out of car and then helped Bhabhi to come out. Then I also took suitcase from car and we started walking in that water which was now above our waist. My hand was on her waist and she was also holding me same way. We were not talking anything. She was so confused after hearing that intense statement from me. She was not able to decide that how actually I feel for her. Did I only cares her as Dever (Brother-in-law) or it is something else? I was also fighting with my own feelings. Then I looked around and the scene around us was so scary. Couples of dead bodies were floating on water. In one car there were four people who were died due to drowning. After seeing them I thanked god for saving us.Then there was another problem. We had to take some shelter because it was no point to walk in that much water. We searched for room in couple of hotels but no luck. Then we found that some people were going in one building. We also entered it. On first floor there was big hall (like used for marriage ceremony). Lot of peoples was sitting there for shelter. We also decided to sit in one corner till the rain stop and water go down. There were bathrooms in one side where we got cleaned ourselves little bit. Then we eat some food which I had brought from near by grocery shop. It was now nearly 8.00PM. Rain was still pouring heavily. We both were so quite and no one was willing to talk. But then I realized that even though we were not talking we were sitting so close to each other that no Dever and Bhabhi used to sit like that. We both were resting on wall and She had rested her head on my shoulder. Her one hand was on my chest. Her eyes were closed. Then I caressed her hairs for some time and kissed her forehead. She didn't move even an inch. I thought she was sleeping. So I called her lightly and to my surprise she moved her head and looked in my eyes and said "What? I said, "Nothing".She smiled at me and again kept her head on my shoulder. The time was passing, all people around us were panicked and were cursing rain but we were so calm because this rain had shown us the reality we were denying. I was loving my Bhabhi more than anything but still I was afraid to tell it even to myself. Same way Bhabhi realized that she is not alone in this world. In that panicking situation also she was feeling so safe and pampered.Then I looked in the watch and it was 11.30PM. Many people around us were sleeping. Lights were made deem. I told Bhabhi that we should also sleep now. Bhabhi took out one saree from suitcase and we took it on our bodies to protect us from cold.She was lying on her back and I was facing towards her. I kept my one leg on her legs and one hand on her tummy. Then after some time she turned and faced me. Our eyes met. We both were awake. This time she came closer and kissed me on my lips. I replied and our intensity increased. It was feeling so natural that no one felt that it is something like sin. Finally the ice was broken. We had come closer not only by only mind but also physically. After long time we got apart. We looked at each other. Then she looked down. Now she was feeling shy. She buried her face in my chest. I was so aroused that my dick was at its full length. It was poking her near her stomach. But I know that she is not going to mind it. I pressed her more close to me. Her grip was also tightening on me. This time while caressing her back I didn't stop at middle but by proceeding further I reached till her ass and pressed her both chicks. And repeated this act, don't how many times. Then I pressed my one knee further. So she parted her legs little apart and I kept my leg between hers. I was so happy that my lovely

Bhabhi was in my arms allowing me to love her and even responding positively. But I had to stop proceeding further because around us there were nearly 100 to 200 people sleeping and if they came to know what we were doing then it would have caused problem. So I calmed my self down and we slept in that position only.In the morning when we woke up I was feeling so fresh and joyful and Bhabhi also had smile on her face. I gave her quick peck on her lips and went to get fresh. After coming back I asked her also to get fresh up and left to arrange for some breakfast. Rain had stopped till now but there were hundreds and thousands of cars on road which people had left, so it was going to take may be a day or two to come situation normal. But now I was not caring for it. My problem was that I needed some privacy with my Bhabhi. Then I would have stayed here till last day of earth. So I went to a near by shopkeeper and asked him that where I could get a room. He told me that he has one room on roof of the near by building where he leaves, but asked for Rs 2000. I said, "Ok but show me the room."He took me there. After having look at the room I paid for him. The room was nothing but just four walls and nothing else and cheap carpet on the floor. Only good thing it had was that it was with attached bathroom. I went back and told her that "it will take some more time to get normal so I have rented a room so let's go there". She didn't say a word. May be she was knowing my plan or may be she also wanting the same. While going we had breakfast and also took some parcel for lunch. After entering she had one look at the room. I thought that she might not like the room but she said nothing. She removed

Some clothes from bag and went to take bath. When she came out, she was wearing blouse and petticoat. I was looking at her. First time she was standing in front of me in that much less cloths. Her breasts were looking prominent and round like two large sized apples. Her slim tummy and a navel on it and below it those curves of ass were looking so sexy that she was looking like goddess of love and kama. She was looking down and was wearing saree. Then she slowly looked up and asked me to take bath. I said, I have no clean clothes to wear." Then she smiled and said that there is one clean saree in bag, take it and tie around your waist. I got aroused just by thinking of tying her saree around me. I took it and went to bathroom. Then I took bath and after drying myself I tied that precious saree around me. My dick was making tent in front side. I came out and looked for Bhabhi. She was standing in door looking out side. I went slowly behind her hugged her from behind. She startled due to my sudden attack but recovered from surprise and rested her head on my chest backward. My dick was pressed in her ass. I said, "Bhabhi...."She said, "huh". "May I ...."She turned back and smiled at me and said, "Stupid. You are so cute". And caressed my face. We came closer and kissed on lips. Then I pressed my tongue on her lips. She parted them. I entered her mouth and our tongues met. Its warm touch felt so good.We smooched for long time. I roamed my hands freely all over her back from her head, then neck, then shoulder, then waist(I stayed there little longer),then her beautiful ass. I slightly squeezed it and then build the pressure till she said, "ouch..., you naughty."Then I closed the door and took her in my both hand and led her to the center of the room.Then I started slowly removing her cloths one by one. First I took hold of her loose end of saree and pulled it. She rolled around herself and it all the way came into my hands.Then I slowly removed buttons of her blouse.